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Conditions for Webinar Tenders


The WEBINAR TENDERS is an introductory course on the European public procurement laid down in directives. The course will be delivered by internet by using skype and by the delivering of a power point presentation which takes about two hours time.

The costs for the webinar tenders will be € 195 for one person and every third person for free.

Invoicing: Invoices will be send in euros and need to be paid before the webinar on bankaccount of TENDERS dot EU (IBAN: FR16 3000 2020 3100 0007 2286 R53) at LCL Bank (BIC/SWIFT: CRLYFRPP) in Autun (FR). In case of not paying in time the presentation will be postponed untill the payment has been received. All payments needs to be net payments, all bankcharges are at clients expense.

Accepting the subscription: TENDERS dot EU may refuse your subscription without prior notice. Your subscription is accepted after a written confirmation by TENDERS dot EU and after paying the invoice.

Excluding responsibility of TENDERS dot EU: TENDERS dot EU has an obligation to do all reasonable efforts to deliver a good service and to deliver a good course. TENDERS dot EU has no obligation to guarantee any result(s) in whatever sense. TENDERS dot EU is in no way and in no sense responsible or liable for any damages, directly or indirectly, inmediately or at a later time, for the services rendered by or on behalf of TENDERS dot EU. TENDERS dot EU rejects any claims for whatever reason or cause.

Oosterhout, The Netherlands, January 2017

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