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The TEDALERT service means the selection of calls for tender from one or more countries from the EU or the European institutions, published in the European database TED.

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By subscribing for this service, client declares to have read and to agree with the conditions as stated below. Please let the form sign by an authorised person. The subscription will be confirmed by TENDERS dot EU. You will be invoiced after receipt of the subscriptionform.


Terms and conditions for the TEDALERT service

The TEDALERT service consists of the delivery of calls for tender (tendernotices) for public contracts for supplies (goods), services or construction for which the EU-directives are applicable and therefore published under the responsibility of the Publications Office (OPOCE), the official publisher of the EU, in the EU database Tenders Electronic Daily (TED).

Duration of the contract: the TEDALERT service will be concluded for an unlimited time span, but The TEDALERT service can be annulated by letter with two full month notice. 

The costs for the TEDALERT service (excluding vat) :

  • Once off payment: 795 for a period of one (1) year. These costs will be indexed yearly. The client will get an invoice before the start of the new yearly period.
  • Pay per document: 2,50€ per document. These costs will be invoiced each three months based on the actual number of documents selected but with a minimum of 30 documents per quarter which equals 75€ for each three months. Minimum invoicing 120 documents a year, the equivalent of 300€ a year.

Format and automatic distribution of tendernotices: client will receive the complete and official text of the tendernotices by email as published by OPOCE.

Invoicing: Invoices will be send in euros and need to be paid within two weeks on bankaccount of TENDERS dot EU, IBAN: NL 90 ABNA 0534 7472 49 at ABN AMRO Bank (BIC/SWIFT: ABNANL2A) in Nijmegen (NL). In case of not paying in time or not at all, the service will be stopped immediately and the invoices / claim wil be given to an international operating (debt-) collecting agency. The costs of this agency will be claimed upon the client too. All payments needs to be net payments, all bankcharges are at clients expense.

Accepting the subscription: TENDERS dot EU may refuse your subscription without prior notice. Your subscription is accepted after a written confirmation by TENDERS dot EU and after paying the first invoice. The profile will be activated within five workingdays after crediting /paying the invoice at the bankaccount of TENDERS dot EU.

Excluding responsibility of TENDERS dot EU: TENDERS dot EU has an obligation to do all reasonable efforts to deliver a good service and to set up a good profile. TENDERS dot EU has no obligation to guarantee any result(s) in whatever sense. The quallity of the profile is the responsibility of the client.

TENDERS dot EU is in no way and in no sense responsible or liable for any damages, directly or indirectly, inmediately or at a later time, for the services rendered by or on behalf of TENDERS dot EU. TENDERS dot EU rejects any claims for whatever reason or cause.

TENDERS dot EU has concluded a contract with CRI in Luxembourg for the technical realisation of the TEDALERT service (selection and distribution) of the tendernotices. TENDERS dot EU is not at all responsible for the services rendered by or on behalf of Primesphere nor for the external (tele-)communication between client and CRI or between client and TENDERS dot EU. The Publications Office, the official publisher of the EU, is responsible for the content, use, access and update of the database TED. TENDERS dot EU is not at all responsible for any damage caused by (changes of) the content, use, access and update of the database TED directly or indirectly, immediately or at a later time.

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